Mexico Lindo: An authentic favourite

Mexico Lindo's menuWhen we left Halifax in 2008, neither of us realised how much we would miss its vibrant culinary scene. Calgary and Fredericton both have some amazing restaurants, but there’s something special about the Halifax food scene. For a relatively small city, the breadth of ethnic choices and quality of the food in Halifax is astonishing.

There’s a high turnover (I still mourn the passing of the Ghanaian/Tanzanian restaurant), though, and I was delighted to find on our last trip that one of our favourites, Mexico Lindo, is still going strong. Continue reading

The Blue Door

burger2The Capital Region is proving to be a trove of culinary gems, and while some are hidden (Haru), The Blue Door in downtown Fredericton has already racked up multiple awards. The Blue Door succeeds so well because it’s a reflection of Fredericton itself, offering refined dishes in an attractive setting without putting on too many airs. Continue reading

Troy Restaurant, Wolfville NS

As parents of an active 2-year-old, opportunities for a quiet meal out in a nice restaurant are a rare surprise.

So when my mother offered to babysit recently and let us have just such a night out, the offer inspired not just gratitude, but a little trepidation. Such a valuable event shouldn’t be wasted – we wanted to make the most of the opportunity.

Our favourite place to eat in my mom’s hometown was closed for Canada Day, prompting us to venture to the nearby town of Wolfville in search of deliciousness. Continue reading