Cavendish Maples Cottages, PEI: Fun for kids & parents

Cavendish Maples Cottages, Prince Edward IslandWe needed a cottage in Prince Edward Island that would keep us relaxed and our toddler active and entertained during a whirlwind 48 hour visit to the island. Cavendish Maples delivered, in spades, with a great 2-bedroom cottage, pool, hammocks, playgrounds, lots of lawn space, and setups for games like horseshoes and beach volleyball that we didn’t even get a chance to try.

48 hours in Prince Edward Island isn’t much, especially when you’re working around a toddler’s napping/eating schedule. But the purpose of our trip was to meet up with my parents and visit a friend of the family, so we weren’t going to be touring the island’s many attractions.

Our first impression of the grounds was excellent – they’re well-maintained with stands of mature maple trees scattered throughout, so there’s lots of shade.

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