Behind the Scenes at NovaScotian Crystal

NovaScotian Crystal showroomWatching the craftsmen at NovaScotian Crystal take material from molten goop to a sparkling piece of fine crystal is mesmerizing. When the weather allows they open up the door to the glassworks and you can see these master craftsmen at work right from the boardwalk.

Ever since the shop opened up on the Halifax waterfront in 1996, I’ve made a point to stop and watch the spinning, shiny, hypnotic process every time I’m there when the doors are open. It’s one of the iconic images of the Halifax waterfront for me.

So when Larissa Law, NovaScotian Crystal’s Marketing & PR Coordinator, offered to give me a behind-the-scenes tour I didn’t just jump at the chance – I drove 826 kms round trip to make it happen. Continue reading

5 tips for enjoying your visit to downtown Halifax

I think the South End of Halifax might always feel like home to me.

Even though I technically only lived there for two or three years, I spent many more at Saint Mary’s University, nestled at the very end of the peninsula, and another four working in an office tower on Brunswick Street.

I bought my wedding ring at FireWorks Gallery, had my second date with my husband at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia‘s Egyptian exhibit in 2006, learned the fine art of parallel parking on the crowded streets surrounding the university, and probably ate in almost every restaurant within a 10-block radius of Scotia Square during the four years I worked in Duke Tower.

So returning to downtown Halifax a few weeks ago was like wrapping myself in a warm cozy blanket. One with lots of panhandlers and challenging parking, sure, but that’s all part of it’s charm.

Headed to Halifax? Great choice! Here’s your guaranteed guide for making the best of your downtown Halifax experience: Continue reading

Mexico Lindo: An authentic favourite

Mexico Lindo's menuWhen we left Halifax in 2008, neither of us realised how much we would miss its vibrant culinary scene. Calgary and Fredericton both have some amazing restaurants, but there’s something special about the Halifax food scene. For a relatively small city, the breadth of ethnic choices and quality of the food in Halifax is astonishing.

There’s a high turnover (I still mourn the passing of the Ghanaian/Tanzanian restaurant), though, and I was delighted to find on our last trip that one of our favourites, Mexico Lindo, is still going strong. Continue reading