Fundy Rose: Relax on the New Brunswick – Nova Scotia ferry

Fundy Rose FerryWith family in both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, we do a lot of travelling between the two provinces. Usually we drive, but if we’re headed to the Annapolis Valley we try to take the ferry instead – it saves time and lets us stretch our legs instead of being cooped up in the car. Thanks to Bay Ferries Ltd, we had the chance this summer to check out the new ferry, the Fundy Rose, which replaced the aging Princess of Acadia this year. It felt a little odd, since we had spent so many hours on the Princess of Acadia, but the Fundy Rose impressed right from the time we stepped into the passenger compartment.

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9 fun things to do with kids in Halifax

Nova Scotian Crystal - a fixture on the halifax waterfrontA friend recently headed to Halifax  with her husband and two young kids for a visit, and asked for recommendations on what to see. If a trip to Halifax with your preschool/elementary age kids is in your agenda, read on for my list of top 9 things to do in Halifax with kids!

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Top 5 things to do with the kids this summer in Saint John

Fundy Discovery Aquarium

If you’re headed to the Port City this summer (or you’re already there!) I’ve done your homework for you: here are five of my favourite ways to keep your family active and entertained in Saint John, New Brunswick. Continue reading

Toddler Time: 5 reasons to take the ferry across the Bay of Fundy

Taking ferry from Digby to Saint JohnThe Maritimes, for me, are all about the ocean.

The salty smell in the air. Waves crashing on the shore. Seagulls.

But the Maritimes are also about long drives. With family scattered throughout Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, a 5-hour drive is no biggie for us. Which is why it came as a bit of a surprise to remember this weekend that we could go down the Valley (the Annapolis Valley, that is) to visit family and then just take the Princess of Acadia ferry home to Saint John from Digby.

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