Moxon’s Country Pumpkin

Feeding the goats at Moxon's Country PumpkinMe: “Do you want to go to the Country Pumpkin?”

Amelia: “YEAH!”

A farmer’s market may seem like an odd thing to cover on a travel blog, but Fredericton has a habit of making a destination out of their markets, and Moxon’s Country Pumpkin is no exception.

If you live in Freddy Beach and have kids under 10, you probably already know about the Country Pumpkin. I’m willing to bet that you come here a couple of times a month (during the not-freezing months, at least) just because it’s the easiest way to entertain the kids while you pick up a few groceries.

But if you’re a tourist, this place is worth a stop too. It’s actually my favourite kind of tourist stop – original, local, and perplexing (after all, who thinks: “Hey, you know what would make people buy more carrots? A peacock!”)

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Fredericton Boyce Farmer’s Market

Fredericton Boyce Farmer's MarketI go for the chicken.

The Fredericton Boyce Farmer’s Market offers up everything from sausages to hand-knit hats to fresh produce every Saturday from 6am – 1pm, but we go for the chicken. It turns out that real chicken, the kind that isn’t pumped full of water before you buy it, is flavourful and has a wonderful texture.

What’s on offer at the Market isn’t just locally-raised but sold at prices competitive with the big grocery chains, so we get to support our local economy, not pay any more, and get a far superior product. Win/win/win!

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Queen’s Square Farmer’s Market, Saint John NB

Queen's Square Farmer's MarketAs the weather turns chilly and we start bundling up for winter, I find myself thinking over all the fun things we did and interesting places we saw this summer. One of our toddler’s favourite Saint John summer activities was the Queen’s Square Farmer’s Market, a somewhat informal collection of vendors set up roughly bi-weekly in the South End. Continue reading