International Kite Festival, Dieppe, NB

Dieppe International Kite FestivalOne of the unexpectedly fun things about having children is getting to do activities you’d never get around to doing if you didn’t have them. Take the International Kite Festival in Dieppe, for instance. Before Amelia, I wouldn’t have gone, even though it sounds neat – a whole festival of kites! But knowing how much Amelia loves kites, I packed her up in the car yesterday afternoon for the drive.

These are not the kites I remember from my childhood! Acrobatic displays with multiple kites dancing to music; kites shaped like lizards, fish, birds, strawberries, and giant eyeballs – the Dieppe International Kite Festival was a lot of fun for both me and Amelia.

There are a few things you should know about the 2013 kite festival, and their website doesn’t cover it all, so read on to learn from our experience!

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