Coffee and Friends, Fredericton

Coffee and Friends Fredericton NBCoffee and Friends has to be the most under-appreciated cafe in Fredericton.

This humble spot, with its patio right on King Street (great for people watching), was one of my first finds in Fredericton, and it’s still one of my favourites.

The brewed coffee is divine – possibly the best I’ve had in Fredericton. That’s probably due to the beans being roasted in small batches right at the cafe – on sunny days you can usually see the roaster in action! Continue reading

Le Cavalier Noir at the Chess Piece Pâtisserie & Cafe


Le Cavalier Noir at Chess Piece Cafe and PatisserieThis was almost too pretty to eat.

The Chess Piece Facebook page says of this dessert: “Le Cavalier Noir is a decadent cake made with layers chocolate sponge cake and praline royale (hazelnut and milk chocolate), enveloped in bittersweet dark chocolate mousse. The entire cake is glazed in dark chocolate, and garnished with our chocolate chess piece logo.

But the girl at the counter just said, “it’s CHOCOLATE“, managing to convey in one word that this was not just any chocolate, but the absolute pinnacle of chocolate-ness it is possible to achieve on Earth.

She was right.

Go eat one, now.

Chess Piece Cafe: New Pâtisserie in Fredericton

Chesspiece-Cafe2If the buzz on Twitter is any indication, the Chess Piece Pâtisserie & Cafe is the hottest thing to open in downtown Fredericton since we moved here almost a year ago.

Intrigued by the buzz (and the promise of sugary deliciousness), I popped in recently for a business meeting and was delighted to find I’d stepped into a bright, sophisticated space – on looks alone, the Chess Piece cafe has carved out a distinct niche. Downtown Fredericton has several great cafes, but none quite as refined as this. Continue reading