Fundy Rose: Relax on the New Brunswick – Nova Scotia ferry

Fundy Rose FerryWith family in both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, we do a lot of travelling between the two provinces. Usually we drive, but if we’re headed to the Annapolis Valley we try to take the ferry instead – it saves time and lets us stretch our legs instead of being cooped up in the car. Thanks to Bay Ferries Ltd, we had the chance this summer to check out the new ferry, the Fundy Rose, which replaced the aging Princess of Acadia this year. It felt a little odd, since we had spent so many hours on the Princess of Acadia, but the Fundy Rose impressed right from the time we stepped into the passenger compartment.

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Valentine’s Day round-up

Update: If you’re looking for 2016 Valentine’s Day ideas, read my new blog post!

Still wondering what to do for Valentine’s Day? Us too. Here’s a rundown of the events throughout the Maritimes that caught my eye while I was searching for the perfect way to celebrate with my husband. Continue reading

Canada Day 2013 Events in the Maritimes

I’ve always thought of Canada Day as the start of summer.

You know those kids that never win anything? That was me. But when I was about 7, I won a trophy for my entry into the Canada Day bicycle parade of the (very small) town in Ontario that we lived in. I suppose that award (for bedecking my bicycle in red and white tissue paper, basically) disposed me to be especially fond of Canada Day. The spectacular fireworks between Windsor and Detroit later in my childhood cemented my love for our national holiday.

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These are a few of my favourite things

Deck overlooking the ocean

One of my favourite places – on the deck at mom’s cottage in East Port Medway. Don’t you wish you were here too?

The Lighthouse Route in Nova Scotia is one of my favourite places in the world. Each new bit of scenery wiggles its way into my mind, jostling out, one by one, the stresses of everyday life. Leaving my mother’s cottage in East Port Medway, well-maintained rural homes swish by the windows of my Honda Fit—for once, without a child seat in the back.

“Look – forschuttia!” my husband points out the window.

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