The best coffee in Cavendish: Samuel’s Coffee House

The best latte I've ever had - from Samuel's Coffee HOuse in CavendishWe love our annual trip to the Otentiks in the Prince Edward Island National Park, we really do. But because we only “camp” once a year, I haven’t invested in a french press, and instant coffee is a vile substance that barely reaches the bar of enabling me to function. Staring at my mug of insta-vile on morning two of our trip, I suddenly remembered the kind and helpful Twitterer who last year suggested we try Samuel’s Coffee House in Avonlea Village for coffee.

Doing just that instantly became priority #1 on the day’s activity plan.

While I love Cavendish, the town is very tourist-oriented, and I expected Avonlea Village to be a tourist trap, with actors dressed up as the characters from Anne of Green Gables wandering about, quoting lines from the novels. (To be clear, I do not consider either of those to be necessarily a bad thing.)

Avonlea Village, Prince Edward Island

What we found was a delightful block of shops and restaurants that, while clearly built to draw in tourists, would not have been out of place in an actual town. No Anne characters in sight, but we were there at 10am so maybe she’s just a late riser.

Samuel’s Coffee House is housed in what looks like an old house, painstakingly restored in a stylish yet comfortable way.


Interior of Samuel's Coffee House in Cavendish, PEITo say Samuel’s Coffee House has the best latte in Cavendish may be an exaggeration – we haven’t tried much other coffee there. And on receiving my first cup of frothy, milky, caffeine-infused deliciousness, it did occur to me that perhaps declaring this the best latte I’d ever had was due more to deprivation than objective analysis. (My husband had no such qualms). Days three and four held up the assessment, though, so there it is: Samuel’s Coffee House in Cavendish serves the best latte I’ve ever had.

Congrats, Samuel’s. You earned it.

While you’re in Prince Edward Island…

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