Top 5 spots to get a great coffee in downtown Fredericton

Lattes in bowls at the Best Coast Coffee Gallery in Broad Cove, NSThere’s nothing like a great coffee to start your day off right, clear away the cobwebs of jet lag, or keep you functional until the business day is over. Luckily, downtown Fredericton provides some phenomenal coffee shops (in addition to the ubiquitous Second Cup).

Give these favourites a try when you’re in town:

1) Chess Piece Pâtisserie & Cafe, 361 Queen Street

Le Cavalier Noir at Chess Piece Cafe and PatisserieChess Piece recently celebrated their first birthday, and I’d say they’re here to stay. Beautiful decor, amazing desserts, delicious sandwiches, and most importantly, good stiff lattes make this my favourite cafe in Fredericton.

2) Coffee and Friends, 415 King St

Coffee and Friends Fredericton NBI labelled this Fredericton’s most under-appreciated cafe, and I think that’s still true. The location may not have the panache of Chess Piece (well, nowhere in Fredericton does), but this cafe’s claim to excellence is that the proprietors roast their own coffee, and their brewed coffee is delicious. They’re also incredibly friendly and boast a sidewalk patio on one of Fredericton’s busiest streets.

3) Paradise Imports & Jonnie Java Roasters, 95 York St

Paradise Imports & Jonnie Java Roasters in downtown Fredericton

A combo jewellery store and cafe, this spot reminds me a lot of Just Us cafes in Nova Scotia. You’ll find a focus on free-trade and organic coffees here, and I believe they also roast their own. No spot to sit down here, but browsing the selection of imported goods is a fun (albeit sometimes expensive) alternative.

4) Whitney Coffee, Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market

Whitney-CoffeeFind locally-roasted Whitney Coffee at the Fredericton Boyce Farmer’s Market each Saturday morning. These guys know their beans, and make a smooth, delicious cup of java! If you’re looking for beans to take home for your own coffee brewing, Whitney Coffee is a great choice too.

5) M&T Deli, 546 Queen Street

Update: Alas, M&T Deli has been closed 🙁

That means I’m auditioning for a new cafe to fill the #5 spot here… stay tuned!


Your turn

Did I miss your favourite coffee shop? Is there somewhere that has delicious coffee in Fredericton that I really need to try out? Let me know in the comments below!

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    • I’d actually never heard of that cafe! I’ll have to check it out sometime – what menu items do you recommend?

  1. LauraleeMcCloskey Sadly, I have yet to make it to the Northside Market! It’s on my list for this summer, for sure!!

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