Hartt’s Island Water Park

Hartt's Island campground boasts a fun water park and minigolf.If you’re in Fredericton on a hot summer day (unlike much of the Maritimes, it does get truly hot here, because we’re so far away from the ocean), you’ll find an abundance of spots to cool off with the kiddos. We recently discovered a new one: Hartt’s Island, an RV campground that also boasts a neat little water park and mini golf.

A birthday party took us to this fun little spot just a few minutes from downtown Fredericton, and the kids all had a fun time exploring the lazy river (more of a circle, I suppose), pool, sprinklers, and water slides. Artificial palm trees adorn the pool deck, adding a bit of whimsy.Water slides at Hartt's Island in Fredericton, New runswickOur daughter is just 4, and we really appreciated the toddler’s water slide (which I failed to capture a photo of), where the kids could slide down all on their own. Being an adventurous sort, our kiddo also checked out the blue slide – the smallest of the “real” water slides – to good effect. We needed to be at the bottom to catch her, but otherwise it was a fun and perfectly safe adventure.

Lots of sprinklers at Hartt's Island water park in FrederictonWe ate food from the canteen, which was reasonably good (the chicken nuggets were actually genuinely delicious) albeit all deep-fried. I believe you can bring your own cooler/picnic lunch if you’re coming for the day. Most importantly, they serve ice cream, and isn’t that all you really need to know?

There were lots of lounge chairs available, although I’d guess that on a super-hot day, they might be in shorter supply. I’ve never yet been to a beach or resort that had enough chairs to meet demand on a really hot day!

The bottom line: if you’re looking for a spot to take the kids in Fredericton on a hot summer day, Hartt’s Island’s water park is a good bet!

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Hartt’s Island RV Resort & Water Park

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