Cherry Hill Beach: Hidden Gem on the South Shore

Surfer on Cherry Hill Beach on Nova Scotia's South ShoreRemember when we used to discover things by talking to people, or just driving down random roads to see what’s there?

Yeah, I didn’t do any of that to find this hidden gem last summer. I found Hell’s Bay, where Cherry Hill Beach is located, on Google Earth. Just digitally trolling along the coastline looking for beaches that might be long enough to run on, and boom! There it was.

Cherry Hill Beach entrance

The entrance to Cherry Hill Beach

Crescent Beach, another 10 or 15 minutes up the coast, is my favourite running spot, but that 20 minutes round-trip can add a lot onto your day if you’ve got big plans, so we popped down for some reconnaissance of Cherry Hill Beach shortly after my discovery.

Located at the end of Henry Conrad Road, off of Route 331, Cherry Hill Beach is unmarked and offers no amenities. It’s popular with locals and surfers, though on a cool day running on the beach isn’t a challenge as you’ll have lots of space.Cherry-Hill-Beach3We didn’t venture into the water here, so I can’t offer comment on the water… but the surfers had full bodysuits on. In August.

We’ll definitely check out this beach again this summer and go a bit further than our initial 3km jog. It’s hard to fault any beach with a view like this, although the lack of any bathroom facilities does cause me a bit of anxiety. For beach visits with kids, I’d still recommend Rissers instead, simply because of the facilities there. But for something off the tourist path, Cherry Hill Beach fits the bill nicely.

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  1. Thanks for the info. I first heard of this beach just the other week when I was mentioning the Cherry Hill Run and that I didn’t know where Cherry Hill was and we are seasonal campers in Bridgewater. I will be checking out this beach on the weekend, love beach running.

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