5 things to love about the trail system in Oromocto & Fredericton

The Fredericton Riverfront trail systemLiving near the Trans Canada Trail is one of our favourite things about moving to Oromocto. This section of the trail runs right from Oromocto all the way into Fredericton, and traverses some stunning scenery along the way.

Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, or walker, you’ll find adding some time on the trails while you’re in the Fredericton area soothes the nerves, lets you see New Brunswick at its finest, and encourages you to explore (and isn’t that what travel is all about?). 

Between Oromocto and Lincoln (a small residential area between Oromocto and Fredericton) the Trans Canada Trail is built on an old railway and so is lovely and straight. In Fredericton, there’s an entire system of trails – over 80 kilometers! – not all of which are connected to the Trans Canada Trail system. There’s even an outdoor fitness equipment setup for your strength training!

It’s a fabulous resource for residents, but if you’re a tourist, what’s to love about the trails?

1. The surface

The surface in Oromocto is a smooth, well-maintained gravel and the trail is lined by mostly deciduous trees which makes fall a kaleidoscope of colour.

If you’re a runner and want to sneak in some exercise while on vacation, the trail is a good running surface right through to Lincoln (and probably further, but I don’t run very far – or fast!), although it does become a paved surface once you cross Highway 655 (not a busy road, but do take care when crossing).

The Fredericton trails that I’ve been on are mostly paved and all in good condition – perfect for running, cycling, or walking. If you use a wheelchair, or are pushing a stroller, the trails in Fredericton are accessible as well.

2. The scenery

On the way to Lincoln from Oromocto, you’ll go across the placid Oromocto River.

oromocto-riverPro Tip: This is an excellent place for your toddler to divest herself of a shoe and watch it float downstream. You will then face the dilemma of whether to teach her a lesson by making her walk home with her one remaining shoe, or suck it up and carry her home.

Toddlers are surprisingly hefty.

The fall colours along the Lincoln section of the Trans Canada Trail

The fall colours along the Lincoln section of the Trans Canada Trail

In Fredericton, I’ve run around the riverfront trails but haven’t explored much further.

During the summer, I love running along the riverfront with it’s open spaces and breeze (although the shade of the more heavily forested trails near Oromocto has its advantages!).

Riverfront trails in Fredericton

The riverfront trails in Fredericton afford open vistas of the Saint John River – a nice distraction if you’re trying to get through a long run!

An iconic part of the riverfront trail system is the Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge, a much-loved and often-photographed converted rail bridge.

Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge

This is what you get when you try to take a photo of an icon while you’re running.

3. Ice Cream

The riverfront would be a fabulous place to have a picnic lunch, if you’re so inclined.

Or you could stop at the Lighthouse on the Green for an ice cream!

The Fredericton Lighthouse

I know, what’s a lighthouse doing on a river, right? No idea. But the ice cream’s delicious and the view is great.

4. They’re amazing year-round

Trail-in-the-winterThe trails in Oromocto are plowed; I believe the Fredericton ones are groomed for cross country skiing. Watch out for snowmobilers though – these stinky, noisy machines are allowed on some of the Trans Canada Trail and riders don’t always respect reasonable speed limits (or even necessarily stick to the trails they’re allowed on).


Fall might be my favourite time of year in New Brunswick, and with all the deciduous trees, the Trans Canada Trail lights up at this time of year!


Spring on the Trans Canada Trail

Spring on the trail is especially fun if you have a toddler.

5. Nature

On the Oromocto trails especially, I’ve seen bunnies, frogs, all sorts of flowers, ferns, caterpillars, birds…

Bunny on the Trans Canada Trail near Lincoln, NBMore info:

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