Sugar Bush Weekend – King’s Landing Historical Settlement

Maple sap cooking down to syrup at King's LandingParents of young children are all slightly mad.

Our particular brand of parental insanity drove us out into the frigid snow and gusting arctic winds this past weekend to eat maple candy and pet cows during the first Sugar Bush weekend at King’s Landing Historical Settlement.

What? That sounds perfectly normal to you? Wholesome, even?

Consider this: before Amelia, Gary and I would happily hibernate all winter, emerging only long enough to rush to the airport for a week (or two!) on a warm tropical beach.

Now I own snowpants.

Sure, the maple Sugar Bush event looks wholesome, and delightful, and yes, Amelia loved every second of it. In fact, we’ll probably go back in 2015.

Because from what I hear, the temporary parental insanity lasts for years.

King's Landing Historical Settlement during Sugar bush weekend

There are limited buildings open during Sugar Bush, because King’s Landing isn’t open during the winter. But there’s more than enough to keep the kids interested for a distressingly long time.

Cooking maple syrup at King's Landing

Cooking the maple sap down into maple syrup and then candy… and eventually sugar. Maple sugar is delicious.

Man pouring maple syrup candy on snow at King's Landing Historical Settlement

Pouring the maple candy out to harden on the snow.

Feeding the cows

Feeding the cows

Sheep at King's Landing


These were seriously some of the most delicious pancakes I've ever had.

These were seriously some of the most delicious pancakes I’ve ever had.

Before you leave, don't forget to stock up on maple syrup, and maple candy, and maple... well, everything.

Before you leave, don’t forget to stock up on maple syrup, and maple candy, and maple… well, everything maple. After all, this is Canada.

Sugar Bush weekend is the maple syrup festival, and it lasts for two weekends this year. So if you missed it, you can still catch it next weekend!

And bring your appetite, because for $9 (which goes to support search and rescue efforts), you get this:

Photo 2014-03-16, 12 39 38 PMMe, I’m looking forward to going back during the summer…when snowpants are not needed.

(Although it looks like the second weekend will have warmer weather!)

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