Old Black Forest Restaurant

Old Black Forest RestarauntConfession: I’ve never had a full-on German meal before. I’ve driven by the Old Black Forest Restaurant near Lunenburg, Nova Scotia for years and always vaguely thought I might stop in, but each time the draw of Magnolia’s Grill has been too great.

Our recent discovery that Magnolia’s is closed every Sunday, however, provided just the opportunity I needed – and Gary, who visited Germany in the ’80s, didn’t need any convincing.

Even though I had no archetype in mind, the interior of the Old Black Forest was somehow exactly what I expected. The exposed wood was homey, the lace drapes reminded me of my grandparent’s house (no, they’re not German), and the curios collected throughout the interior felt exactly right.

And there’s a cuckoo clock. how can you not be delighted by a restaurant with a cuckoo clock?

Old-Black-Forest-RestaurantIf you’re like me and think “schnitzel” sounds like a pastry, the menu has helpful descriptions of the meals. (Pro tip: schnitzel is not pastry.)

Zwiebelrostbraten at the Old Forest German Restaurant


I chose Zwiebelrostbraten, and had the foresight to take a photo of the description: “a specialty from South Germany, tender striploin steak topped with golden brown onions, served with spätzle and vegetables.”

The steak was deliciously moist and tender, and cooked just as I ordered it (medium-rare) – a pleasant surprise. Spätzle is a type of egg noodle, and it was light and fluffy. The fried onions were, well, fried onions. Although I’m not normally much of a gravy person, I was glad it was there because the Spätzle needed some sauce. And did I mention how delicious my steak was?

Old-Black-Forest-Garys-MealGary ordered a dish that I neglected to get the name of, but it was cheese spätzle topped with pork, gravy, and fried onions. The cheese spätzle was delicious. Like mac n’ cheese, but Spätzle-ier.

After all that rich delicious food, we didn’t have any space for dessert, unfortunately. Maybe next time!

Find The Old Black Forest Restaurant

10117 Martins Brook Lunenburg, NS

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