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Gyoza & Edemame at haru Japanese Fusion in OromoctoDriving through Oromocto, you’ll see well-kept houses and yards, a lot of veteran’s plates (Oromocto is home to Canadian Forces Base Gagetown), and almost as many chain restaurants. You could be forgiven for thinking that it’s a culinary wasteland.

You’d be wrong.

Since moving to this “Model Town” a few months ago, we’ve been delighted to discover two fabulous eateries, one Greek (watch for that review soon!) and one Japanese. Here’s why you might have missed Haru Japanese Fusion restaurant in Oromocto:

Haru Japanese Fusion, OromoctoIt doesn’t look like much. Although their sign has a clean and modern design, the restaurant is tucked into the back of a former Esso gas station that’s been converted to storefronts, and quite honestly if we hadn’t been going to the community centre next door, we might never have known it existed.

Always up for exploring a new possibility close to home, we popped in for lunch recently, and as soon as we stepped inside, Haru started to impress.

Haru-interiorWalking into the clean and serene aesthetic of a Japanese restaurant with a toddler, however, is not for the faint of heart. Our server was immediately delighted with his small blonde guest, and that made our experience instantly more relaxed.

The Menu

miso soup at Haru My husband and I started with miso soup for our appetizers and edemame for the wee one, thinking that she wouldn’t like miso soup. We couldn’t have been more wrong.The miso soup had a light flavour, which contributed to its toddler popularity. The roasted edemame came in the shell (activity & appetizer in one!) and was perfectly tender.

Haru Japanese Fusion offers up an extensive menu covering all the usual suspects – sushi, rolls, tempura, teriyaki – and a few surprises. Gary ordered one of those surprises, a breaded curry chicken dish.

I don’t like curry.

Or more accurately I don’t like the British yellow curry. Never have. I’d rather eat… well, just about anything else.

curry chickenBut this was delicious. The spices were in the breading as well as in the accompanying dip and while I wouldn’t go out of my way for it, I certainly enjoyed my fair share. That’s unprecedented praise for a yellow curry dish. Interestingly, our toddler also loved it – almost as much as the soup.


Speaking of that soup, the server at Haru was thoughtful and attentive, bringing Amelia her own bowlful of miso soup when he saw how much she was enjoying Gary’s… and then bringing lots of napkins. Lots and lots of napkins. Haru doesn’t have a “family restaurant” vibe (although they do have a high chair), but they’re absolutely welcoming and I won’t have any hesitations going back with the wee one in tow.

Yam tempura seemed like a safe bet for a toddler, and when it arrived it was perfectly cooked, with fluffy and crunchy breading.

That’s all fine, but what about the sushi?

Tempura is key, but the measure of a Japanese restaurant is really in its sushi. Not being a fan of raw fish, I opt for the more creative versions, in this case yam tempura (can there ever be too much fried yam?) and smoked salmon rolls. Neither hubby nor baby likes rolls or sushi, so I got this all to myself and it was divine.

Yam-Tempura-&-smoked-salmon-rolls---Haru-in-OromoctoI can’t wait to go back and have it again.

And really, when it comes to restaurant reviews, that’s the only information that matters, isn’t it?

How to find Haru Japanese Fusion

  • Address: 70 Miramichi Road, Oromocto, New Brunswick
  • Facebook
  • Phone (506) 357-0020

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