Fredericton Boyce Farmer’s Market

Fredericton Boyce Farmer's MarketI go for the chicken.

The Fredericton Boyce Farmer’s Market offers up everything from sausages to hand-knit hats to fresh produce every Saturday from 6am – 1pm, but we go for the chicken. It turns out that real chicken, the kind that isn’t pumped full of water before you buy it, is flavourful and has a wonderful texture.

What’s on offer at the Market isn’t just locally-raised but sold at prices competitive with the big grocery chains, so we get to support our local economy, not pay any more, and get a far superior product. Win/win/win!

And did I mention it’s delicious? (Don’t get me started on the bacon…)

The steak at the Farmer's market is also delicious.

The steak at the Farmer’s market is also delicious.

This is a true Farmer’s Market with plenty of local farmers selling their goods as well as locally-made foods and crafts. During the summer, the parking lot is taken over by the farmers, and around Christmas it’s taken over by local tree farms selling Christmas trees, wreaths, and the like.

Parking lot vendor in the winter.

Parking lot vendor in the winter.

Tinsel the clown is a must-stop for our toddler, who finds him both terrifying and fascinating. For $2, he'll make your child (or you!) a balloon animal.

Tinsel the clown is a must-stop for our toddler, who finds him both terrifying and fascinating. For $2, he’ll make your child (or you!) a balloon animal. Or an apple.

One of the great things about the market is the variety of goods. You can find crafts, pottery, baked goods, locally-grown produce, fresh-squeezed orange juice, freshly-made Chinese dumplings and shumai (delicious!), schnitzel…

Inside the Fredericton Boyce Farmer's Market

Produce at the Fredericton Boyce Farmer's MarketYarn at the Fredericton Boyce Farmer's Market, New Brunswick, CanadaInsider tips

The Market is a popular Fredericton tradition, and seems to get terribly busy around 11am. Parking is sometimes challenging (it’s easier in the winter), and I despise crowds, so we usually get there by 9am if we’re going.

Also, there are lots of food vendors and a small restaurant area, so the best way to get there as early as possible is to just eat your breakfast there! They probably have breakfast food, but come on – you know you want a donair for breakfast!

Outdoor food vendors at the Fredericton Boyce Farmer's Market

Outdoor food vendors seem to be there year-round, but there are more in the warmer months, I think. It’s also possible I just haven’t noticed them outside in the winter because it’s cold and I’m too busy getting inside as quickly as possible.

Find the market

There are special events year-round, like the ice sculptures last weekend as part of FROSTival. Since the Fredericton Boyce Farmer’s Market is active on social media,¬† following them on Twitter or Facebook is a good way to keep up-to-date, although they also have a website.

The market runs Saturday, 6am – 1pm year-round at 665 George Street in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

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