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Coffee and Friends Fredericton NBCoffee and Friends has to be the most under-appreciated cafe in Fredericton.

This humble spot, with its patio right on King Street (great for people watching), was one of my first finds in Fredericton, and it’s still one of my favourites.

The brewed coffee is divine – possibly the best I’ve had in Fredericton. That’s probably due to the beans being roasted in small batches right at the cafe – on sunny days you can usually see the roaster in action!

The roaster in action at Coffee and Friends

The roaster in action at Coffee and Friends in downtown Fredericton

Their lattes are good as well, although it does tend to take a bit longer than most places to get them served up.

The owners are super-friendly and serve Korean food alongside the more traditional lunch dishes. I’m not a huge fan of Korean food, but I’ve also had their breakfast and lunch offerings, and all are delicious. Inside, there are comfy chairs and tables with access to the Fredericton-wide WiFi network. Korean dish at Coffee and Friends

During the summer there’s a pleasant patio area with consistently good people-watching, and often, a poet who will tell you a poem for a cent (with the demise of the penny, I can only assume his rate will increase five-fold at some point).

The owners & staff are delightfully tolerant of toddlers and their associated mess & noise, which any parent will appreciate. However, don’t despair if you don’t like kids: Coffee and Friends is frequented mostly by business people during the week, as you’d expect from its downtown locale.

The interior of Coffee and Friends

Yes, this photo’s from Christmas. Other than the decorations, everything’s still the same.

But oddly, this delightful little shop seems to be over looked by many Frederictonians. It could be that it’s a lack of marketing – there’s no website and no social media presence. Or maybe¬† the owners aren’t involved with the kinds of community events that make people a part of the fabric of a Maritime community (as much as I love the Maritimes, our way of life has its drawbacks).

Whatever the reason, it’s a shame. If for no other reason than the delicious brewed coffee, this joint should be hopping.

So if you haven’t been, here’s your mission: go grab a coffee at Coffee and Friends, drink it on the patio while you do a bit of people-watching and report back in the comments!

Coffee and Friends Location:

415 King St, Fredericton, New Brunswick

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