5 Fredericton spots you can’t miss during Harvest Jazz & Blues

Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival, FrederictonFredericton’s biggest event of the year, the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival, is right around the corner. We’ve lived here for a little less than a year, which means I’ve never been to Harvest and I can’t offer any tips for the festival itself (yet!).

If you’re coming to Fredericton from out of town, though, there’s so much to do in the downtown area where Harvest takes place! Here are my top 5 spots you can’t miss while you’re in Freddy Beach:

1. The trails

The trails are a great place to work off last night’s exuberance. Bonus: you’ll get a fabulous view of Fredericton if you make sure the walking bridge is on your route!

Riverfront trails in Fredericton

2. Chess Piece Patisserie and Cafe

Because this:

Le Cavalier Noir at Chess Piece Cafe and Patisserie

Oh, and they’ve got coffee, too. You’ll need some of that.

Speaking of coffee, another great locally-owned spot is…

3. Coffee and Friends

Coffee and Friends Fredericton NBThese guys roast their own coffee! And once you’ve got your java, head over to…

4. The Owl’s Nest Book Store

This awesome little used book store is a quirky delight, and everything a used book store ought to be.


5. Fredericton Boyce Farmer’s Market

Finally, wrap up your visit with a Saturday morning visit to the Farmer’s market. This might be the quintessential Fredericton experience.

Tip: Hit the market early (6 – 9 am) to enjoy a relatively crowd-free environment, although it’s open till 1pm every Saturday for the late risers.

Inside the Fredericton Boyce Farmer's Market


Your turn

Frederictonians, what would you add to my list?


2 thoughts on “5 Fredericton spots you can’t miss during Harvest Jazz & Blues

  1. I would add a delicious yoga class at Satori on King Street; any meal of the day at The Palate on Queen Street, the best kitchen in town; a visit to Cultures in Mazucca Lane for fun, funky clothing – especially cozy colourful jackets that are warm without bulk; Eloise on York Street for amazing chic with a wee touch of boho; Back Street Records; Aura Foods and True Foods Organic on Westmorland and Charlotte streets, respectively; the Beaverbrook Art Gallery; Victory Meat Market open 9 to 9, 364 days a year, offering all manner of local meats and excellent buys on greens and fruit. Too much more…

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