5 Fredericton-area events I’m looking forward to this summer

Photo courtesy of Fredericton Tourism. All rights reserved.

Caber toss at the New Brunswick Highland Games.
Photo courtesy of Fredericton Tourism. All rights reserved.

Ah, summer.

Warm nights, long days, vacations, BBQs, and festivals.

Fredericton has festivals year-round, of course, but somehow I associate them more with summer.

Sure, it’s still barely spring here, but I’ve been doing my research and here are the Fredericton festivals & events at the top of my to-do list this year:

1. New Brunswick Highland Games (July 25 – 27).

I love highland games: Men in kilts throwing around telephone poles. C’mon, what could be better?

Halifax also has a Highland Games during the summer, and it was one of my favourite events. I haven’t been to the New Brunswick games yet, though, and it’s at the top of my list this summer. I’m geeking out a bit about it, actually.

2. Canada Day (July 1). Oromocto holds a multi-day festival called “Pioneer Days” around Canada Day, and although the website is distressingly atrocious, I’m looking forward to checking out what looks like a pretty massive celebration if last year’s schedule is any indication. Fredericton has a big Canada Day celebration too, but oddly there’s no website, just a Facebook page. So stay tuned to Facebook for updates, or follow me on Twitter and I’ll update you as I hear news!

3. Brewer’s Bash (July 12). It’s put on by local craft brewery Picaroons, who make delicious beer. Sadly, given our babysitting issues, it’s likely I won’t get to this particular festival, so if you do get to go to this day-long celebration of Canadian craft beer in Officer’s Square, tweet me some photos please! You can also find the Brewer’s Bash on Twitter.

Photo of Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival courtesy of Fredericton Tourism. All rights reserved.

Photo courtesy of Fredericton Tourism. All rights reserved.

4. Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival (September 9 – 14). OK, September might be pushing the definition of “summer” a bit, but this festival’s got lots of buzz. I hear it’s kind of Fredericton’s marquee event, like the Calgary Stampede, but with music instead of horses. Although there is an “Instrument Petting Zoo” for the kids, and that’s going to be a big hit with my toddler.

Besides, Andrew Oland, CEO of Moosehead Breweries, likened Harvest to the “Super Bowl” of events for Moosehead (they’re a sponsor). That’s some pretty high praise. Also: I figure the guy who gave his speech at the launch holding a bottle of beer probably knows what a good time looks like.

Feast in the Field. Photo courtesy of Ability NB

Wine tasting at Feast in the Field. Photo courtesy of Ability NB. All rights reserved.

5. Feast in the Field (September 7). Just before Harvest, Ability NB holds their annual fundraiser in downtown Fredericton. Taking place in Officer’s Square (I bet it’s even more scenic with grass instead of a skating rink), this event brings out some of Fredericton’s best chefs to compete for best dessert, BBQ, and appetizer and adds local beer, wine and spirits.

With that venue, some live music, and all that local deliciousness, how can you go wrong? Plus, you’ll get all sorts of good karma from supporting the local food industry and people in New Brunswick living with a spinal cord injury or mobility disability. And just a few short months before Santa Claus comes to visit, we all need a little extra brownie points, right?

More, please!

You can find more Fredericton events, restaraunt reviews, and activities right here on The Maritimer, or check out the Fredericton Tourism website.

Your turn

What are you looking forward to doing this summer in the Fredericton area?

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