Why I’m Running the Runway Run in Halifax

Runway Run logoIn just over a week, I head to Halifax to check out the Halifax International Airport’s Runway Run! While I get to go out on runways fairly often at work, the safety gurus frown upon using them for a casual jog at lunchtime, so I’m really looking forward to this experience.

It isn’t just about fun, though. The run is raising money for the Nova Scotia Lung Association, a cause important to me because I have asthma.

I vividly remember my first asthma attack: I was 6 years old, and I honestly thought I was going to suffocate. I was terrified. Luckily, these days I’m able to live without being tethered to my inhaler, but that’s a recent phenomenon and is thanks in part to the advocacy, research, and programs funded by the Lung Association.

I couldn’t run today if it wasn’t for their work.

I’ve set a modest fundraising goal of $200, but I’d love it if my awesome readers (that’s you!) could help me blow that goal to smithereens! Your donations can help other people living with lung disease to lead active lifestyles, too.

Donate here – any amount helps, no matter how small!

Old Black Forest Restaurant

Old Black Forest RestarauntConfession: I’ve never had a full-on German meal before. I’ve driven by the Old Black Forest Restaurant near Lunenburg, Nova Scotia for years and always vaguely thought I might stop in, but each time the draw of Magnolia’s Grill has been too great.

Our recent discovery that Magnolia’s is closed every Sunday, however, provided just the opportunity I needed – and Gary, who visited Germany in the ’80s, didn’t need any convincing. Continue reading

Moxon’s Country Pumpkin

Feeding the goats at Moxon's Country PumpkinMe: “Do you want to go to the Country Pumpkin?”

Amelia: “YEAH!”

A farmer’s market may seem like an odd thing to cover on a travel blog, but Fredericton has a habit of making a destination out of their markets, and Moxon’s Country Pumpkin is no exception.

If you live in Freddy Beach and have kids under 10, you probably already know about the Country Pumpkin. I’m willing to bet that you come here a couple of times a month (during the not-freezing months, at least) just because it’s the easiest way to entertain the kids while you pick up a few groceries.

But if you’re a tourist, this place is worth a stop too. It’s actually my favourite kind of tourist stop – original, local, and perplexing (after all, who thinks: “Hey, you know what would make people buy more carrots? A peacock!”)

Continue reading

5 Fredericton spots you can’t miss during Harvest Jazz & Blues

Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival, FrederictonFredericton’s biggest event of the year, the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival, is right around the corner. We’ve lived here for a little less than a year, which means I’ve never been to Harvest and I can’t offer any tips for the festival itself (yet!).

If you’re coming to Fredericton from out of town, though, there’s so much to do in the downtown area where Harvest takes place! Here are my top 5 spots you can’t miss while you’re in Freddy Beach: Continue reading