5 Fredericton-area events I’m looking forward to this summer

Photo courtesy of Fredericton Tourism. All rights reserved.

Caber toss at the New Brunswick Highland Games.
Photo courtesy of Fredericton Tourism. All rights reserved.

Ah, summer.

Warm nights, long days, vacations, BBQs, and festivals.

Fredericton has festivals year-round, of course, but somehow I associate them more with summer.

Sure, it’s still barely spring here, but I’ve been doing my research and here are the Fredericton festivals & events at the top of my to-do list this year: Continue reading

Step into the mind of the Owl’s Nest Bookstore

Exterior of Owl's Nest Used Bookstore in Fredericton NBBooks, in their portable, low-tech, humble stacks of paper, can transport you instantly; not just to another time or place, but into the minds of their authors.

Stepping into the Owl’s Nest Bookstore in downtown Fredericton is a little like this. From the moment you grasp the peculiarly-low-to-the-ground handle of the inner door, its as though you’ve been absorbed into the mind of another person. Continue reading

2014 Fredericton Marathon: My first 5k

This Mother's Day, I completed my first 5 k raceI’m not sure that I’ve ever been genuinely proud of myself. Pleased, sure; satisfied, sometimes; disappointed, often. Like a lot of people, the voices in my head that judge success aren’t especially kind or helpful.

But today, I am proud of what I’ve done. Continue reading