FROSTival announces 2014 lineup

FROSTival in Fredericton, New BrunswickIf you don’t live in Fredericton, here’s what you’d see if you came for a visit today: Snowbanks as tall as me (or they were until yesterday’s short-lived warm-up), icy sidewalks, and temperatures like I haven’t seen since we left Calgary. And today I heard Mayor Brad Woodside suggest we should celebrate this weather! Crazy talk.

Although, looking over the FROSTival schedule, I’m realizing that he might be crazy like a fox.

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Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo comes to Fredericton

Little-Rays-Reptile-Zoo09Staring through  giant underwater windows as the polar bears swam around in the Toronto Zoo is still one of my favourite and iconic childhood memories. Living in Oromocto has its advantages (traffic? What traffic?) but I admit to some sadness at the thought that I won’t get to share that treasured childhood haunt with Amelia.

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